Jess Yates’ Story

Back on 24th of January 2017 when Jess was just 12 years old she heard the words every child, parents and families wishes they never have to hear. Jess was diagnosed with bone cancer in her thigh and underwent gruelling rounds of chemotherapy treatment as well as surgery.

Jess has had regular scans and still all clear almost 3 years later she can run, ride a bike and jump on a trampoline, she dances & loves swimming and can ride a scooter! All the things kids her age should be doing…but Jess’s treatment and recovery has come at a price, Jess has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome which is common with people especially children and teenagers who survive this terrible ordeal!

Currently in year 10 at school and Jess does art as a coping mechanism. Jess has dreams of doing child studies as she wants to work with children with disabilities!

Sleapy’s Foundation wishes Jess all the best for future and hope she remains healthy and all her dreams and wishes come to fruition.