Sleapy’s Foundation raises funds for people affected by cancer or adversity.

Sleapys Foundation Race Day June 25 2022

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“Where business and the community come together to tackle cancer, adversity, poverty, sickness, helplessness, distress or social isolation”

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The generosity from the Sleapy’s day foundation brought nothing but happiness, smiles and relief to our beautiful Kia. Everything Sleapy’s day has provided made the hardest journey just that little bit easier, not just for Kia but our entire family.

Kia Lettice | 27.9.94 – 11.12.16

I would like to personally thank Peter Sleap…through his generosity he has made my 15 year old daughter realise the kindness of strangers. He is helping us to make beautiful memories of her school formal…a very special event for a young girl and her mum.

Catherine Oswald | 24.1.63 – 19.10.14

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