Terms and Conditions

Please see the guidelines below to assess your application before submitting, Below is a guide only. Other conditions and restrictions may apply.

  • Applications must be submitted even if the beneficiary is known to the Foundation. All beneficiaries’ requests must be submitted on “Request for Assistance Form” can be filled out either by recipient, family or friends, social worker, or health practitioner
  • Must be an Australian Citizen
  • No funds will be paid to third parties, personal arrangements, Go Fund Me accounts or similar crowd funding platforms.
  • Funds cannot be directed to another charity or organisation 
  • Home renovations will not be paid for unless it is a direct benefit to the recipient such as rails, ramps, chairlifts, bathroom, and fittings modifications etc
  • No personal expenses such as personal loans, credit cards or other debts will be financed
  • Rent or mortgages will only be paid directly to financial institution or real estate a letter of confirmation showing all details must be supplied. Rental agreement and mortgage must be in the name of the beneficiary.
  • Medications and medical feeds & supporting tools such as wheelchairs, orthotics etc will not have any restrictions imposed so long as it supports the current diagnosis.
  • A financial assessment is not necessarily but will be reviewed by the assessing committee
  • Bereavement package for when family member unfortunately passes will be capped at $2K and will be paid directly to funeral company.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to provide support on behalf of an individual or family anytime where doing so would be contrary to the values roles and objectives of Sleapy’s Foundation