Erin Hanna

In February this year I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Triple positive locally advanced breast cancer that had spread to my lymph nodes at just 28 years old.

My husband Grant and I have three young children Oliver 6, Harry 3 and Chloe 2. This news was very overwhelming for us and our family.

I started neo-adjuvant chemotherapy  straight away completing 6 rounds every 3 weeks.

I then went on to have a double Mastectomy with expanders placed and a full lymph node clearance.

When my pathology came back after surgery it showed that I still had residual disease in the tumour bed and a number of lymph nodes. This meant I will continue having chemo for a further 14 rounds every 3 weeks until February 2023.

I have also had 28 sessions of Radiation which targeted my left chest wall, axilla and clavicle.

I have recently started on Zoladex shots and Tamoxifen hormone blockers to put me into a chemical menopause and to block the troublesome hormones. I will be on this type of drug for up to 10 years all going well.

My Dad Sam Tongue reached out to Sleapy after my diagnosis as he has been a part of the Sleapy family for some time after having a major accident himself. Sleapy personally called me to offer his well wishes and a listening ear and has made an effort to regularly check in with me to see how everything is going. My family and I really appreciate the support Sleapys foundation has been able to provide us through this hard time of our lives.

What a wonderful man Sleapy is.

I still have a way to go however we are very grateful for all your help so far.

I look forward to being able to give back to our Community by supporting and helping others through similar situations.