Children's ICU Courtyard

Our courtyard in the John Hunter Health & Innovation Precinct will allow critically ill children to be taken outside with their families. 

Who the donation impacts?

The Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) will receive a newly built department as part of the John Hunter Health & Innovation Precinct.  

The PICU team have expressed a need for an external courtyard that would provide clinical care benefits to their patients. This is currently not in the scope of the JHHIP project and is not able to be funded as part of the project.

This will allow critically ill children to be taken outside with their families. 


Why it is important?

Our plan for an outdoor garden

The PICU Courtyard would include

  • External beds for 2 patients to allow for patient’s connection with nature, fresh air etc.
  • Medical Services Panel provisions will be the same as beds within the remainder of the PICU so that intensive care treatment can occur outside

Are you ready to donate?

Raising Funds! Hopes! Spirits!

Sleapy's Foundation is a charity organisation tackling cancer & adversity

Sleapy’s Foundation had its humble beginnings as a simple ‘footy day fundraiser’ beginning in 2010 called Sleapy’s Day”, giving COMPASSION, GENEROSITY AND HUMANITY back to the local community and to those in need.

In 2018 the decision was made to take “Sleapy’s Day” to the next level and form a charity, “Sleapy’s Foundation”, so the process began and in May 2019 Sleapy’s Foundation was endorsed in Australia to operate as a charity in the category of Public Benevolent Institute (PBI). Endorsed by the Australian taxation office as a deductible gift recipient (DGR) and endorsement for charity tax concessions in respect of income tax exemption GST concessions and FBT exemptions.

In 2022, Sleapy’s Foundation partnered with 7 other Cancer Services to form the ‘Hunter Cancer Hub’.  A one stop shop for individuals and families impacted by cancer to simply access information.  Please head to the Hunter Cancer Hub website for more information.

A word from Peter Sleap

If you don’t know about Sleapy’s Day, how it came about, or what we aim to achieve – here’s a little overview. My wife, Robynn, and I created Sleapy’s Day in 2010 – a year after I was diagnosed with throat cancer. In 2009, whilst I was having radiation and chemotherapy, some footy mates of mine and the Souths Rugby League community rallied together and raised funds through a sports luncheon featuring North Queensland Cowboys’ Peter Parr and Jonathan Thurston. This amazing gesture enabled me to finish the kitchen that I was renovating at the time, as well as pay for my mounting medical expenses. 

I was overwhelmed by their generosity, it was completely unexpected, but it meant the world to Robynn and I. So much so that, once I recovered, I felt compelled to pay it forward to take this incredible act of kindness and parlay it into something bigger. 

Thus Sleapys Day was born. A football, fun, and fundraising day not just to repay SNRLFC but to help members of the broader community who are struggling with their own cancer battles, or other adversities, life has thrown at them. We also aimed to help small, local charities that need a hand o continue their vital work in our community.  

Whilst I’m happy to report my throat cancer is in remission, not everyone has been as lucky as I. It is through Sleapy’s Day that we have has the good fortune to meet and support some of the most amazing individuals, and their families, who are now lifelong friends. Those that have gone have left an indelible mark on our lives and it’s been an honour and a privilege to have been involved in their lives in some small way. We raise our glass to the inspirational friends who are no longer with us. 

With this hideous disease comes good news of fight and survival, but sadly beautiful lives are taken from us. With this in mind, we vow to continue and we invite you to join us and support Sleapy’s Foundation as we come together as a community to continue the fight.